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07:30  -  Risky Women Breakfast (invitation only)

08:10  -  Summit Registration Begins

08:40  -  MC Opening Remarks

08:45  -  Thomson Reuters Welcome Remarks

Hideo Tomita, Managing Director Japan, Thomson Reuters

08:50  -  Financial Services Agency, Government of Japan, Opening Keynote Presentation

Shunsuke Shirakawa, Deputy Commissioner for International Affairs, Financial Services Agency, Government of Japan

09:15  -  Keynote Presentation: Risk appetite journey in the world of negative rates and regulatory twists

Tsuyoshi Oyama, Partner & Head of Center for Risk Management Strategy, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC

09:35  -  Keynote Presentation: The global trend of financial regulation and its ongoing impact on corporate governance and business

Julian Morgan, Partner, Risk & Regulatory, KPMG

09:55  -  Keynote Panel Debate: Comparative financial regulatory discussion; how will regional and global developments affect the Japanese regulatory environment?

  • How does Japan's regulatory environment reflect global financial regulatory developments?
  • Will the Japanese regulatory environment bridge the gap between desired financial growth and the prudency sought by global regulatory bodies?
  • Aggregation of regulations - how can Japan balance an increasing amount of regulation with developing an environment in which markets can flourish?
  • What effect will global OTC derivatives reform have on Japanese financial institutions?
  • Basel III and MIFID II; are there still issues which need to be addressed?
  • Shunsuke Shirakawa, Deputy Commissioner for International Affairs, Financial Services Agency, Government of Japan
  • Scott O’Malia, CEO, International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA)
  • Julian Morgan, Partner, Risk & Regulatory, KPMG
  • Mitsuhiro Hasegawa, Managing Director, JSCC
  • Luigi De Ghenghi, Partner, Financial Institutions Group, Davis Polk & Wardwell
  • Manabu Kishimoto, Policy Advisor, International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO)

Panel Moderator: Tara Joseph Chief Correspondent, Reuters TV, Asia

10:55  -  Morning Networking Break

11:20  -  Panel Discussion: Corporate governance & conduct risk in 2016; driving growth through conduct

  • How successful have the stewardship and corporate governance codes been in stimulating investment, growth and entrepeneurship in Japan?
  • How are JApanese companies implementing the new corporate governance code in Japan, and what lessons can be taken from corporate governance procedures in other major financial centres?
  • To what degree does conduct risk differ internationally to Japan? How will it develop beyond 2016? Does this also extend to differences in Japan between foreign and Japanese banks?
  • How does general culture impact conduct in banks in Japan, and how can this be altered? How central to this is the "tone from the top"?
  • How does financial supervisory activity differ in Japan and other global centres? To what extent can the "3 line defense" help Japanese banks negate regulatory risk?
  • Will the increased risk of personal liability make a difference in the behaviour from C-level downwards?
  • Koichi Iwai, Senior Manager, Center for Risk Management Strategy, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC
  • Takashi Oyama, CEO, Promontory Financial Group Global Services — Japan, LLC
  • Masahiro Kihara, Head of Risk Governance Enhancement Project Team, Mizuho Financial Group, Inc

Panel Moderator: Paul Hunter, Secretary General, IBA Japan

12:10  -  Panel Discussion: What affect will credit risk regulations have on banks in Japan?

  • What are the current JFSA credit risk regulations?
  • What affect will capital requirements have on the Japanese financial banking industry, and how will these differ between local and international banks?
  • Understanding how capital requirements and RRP will alter Japanese banking behaviour
  • Satoshi Kawazoe, Deputy Director General of Financial Systems Department, Bank of Japan
  • Junichi Maruyama, Head of Government Affairs, Citigroup Japan Holdings G.K.
  • Yuji Nakata, Group Entity Structure and Co-CRO, Nomura Holdings INC
  • Taizo Makino, General Manager, Government & Regulatory Affairs Office, Corporate Planning Division, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc.

Panel Moderator: Anthony M. Sepci, Partner, KPMG LLP (US)

12:50  -  Lunch Break

14:00  -  Keynote Presentation: Practical steps to take when dealing with a regulatory investigation

Linda Thomsen, Partner – Global Enforcement Practice, Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP

14:25  -  Panel Discussion: Staying in line with global compliance regulations: AML, Anti-Bribery & Corruption, and supply chain management

  • What form will new US-led AML regulations take, and what level of impact will this have on Japanese compliance practice?
  • Practical measures to ensure safe expansion in frontier markets in the face of increased compliance risks and complex supply chains
  • What aspects of global compliance can Japan utilise to ensure better protection against money laundering?
  • How can an organisation deal with a potential investigation - what practical steps need to be taken?
  • Linda Thomsen, Partner – Global Enforcement Practice, Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP
  • Masanori Tsuchida, Head of International Compliance Group, SMBC
  • Kristen Tiner, Head of Risk Segment, Asia Pacific, Thomson Reuters

Panel Moderator:Julia Walker, Head of Market Development, Risk, Asia, Thomson Reuters

15:10  -  Panel Discussion: How are compliance requirements increasing in Japan's financial industry & how can compliance teams keep pace with these?

  • Should compliance teams continue to grow, or are compliance challenges better faced by the front line?
  • Where have compliance requirements increased recently and how is this trend likely to develop in the future?
  • How to increase staffing levels in line with increasing compliance needs - hire latgerally, train current staff or look at other industries?
  • When can process automation and the use of technology help the increasing requirements on compliance teams?
  • Takanori Sazaki , Executive Officer and General Manager, Global Compliance Division, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group
  • Yuichi Sagawa, Senior Manager, Financial Industry Group, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC
  • Takashi Yoshimura, Managing Director, Head of Compliance, Goldman Sachs
  • Hiroyuki Matsuzaki, Standing Governor of Japan Exchange Regulation, JPX
  • Maki Ozaki, Managing Director, JP Morgan Chase

Panel Moderator:Takestugu Harada CFA, Board Director and Advocacy Committee Chair, CFA Society of Japan Inc.

15:50  -  Cyber Crime Interview: A hands-on guide to the latest developments in cyber crime and prevention strategies

This session will see a senior member of Interpol's financial and cyber crime group in Asia outline the changing risks associated with cyber crime, and provide a practical roadmap to ensure your institution remains protected against increasingly sophisticated cyber criminals.

Interviewee: Noboru Nakatani, Executive Director, Global Complex For Innovation, INTERPOL

Interviewer: Tara Joseph Chief Correspondent, Reuters TV, Asia

16:15  -  Afternoon Networking Break

16:30  -  Keynote Presentation: What does the future hold for Tokyo as a regional financial hub?

Akira Kiyota, CEO, JPX

16:55  -  Panel Discussion: Fintech - What does this mean for Japan and how will it affect its role as Asia's leading financial centre?

  • How is the Japanese fintech environment developing in comparison with other major Asian financial centres?
  • What effect will recent JFSA regulations for the fintech sphere have on fintech development in Japan?
  • How important in fintech development within Japan is Tokyo's position as an international financial centre?
  • Takane Hori, Partner, Mori, Hamada & Matsumoto
  • Hiroki Maruyama, Founder, Infcurion
  • Junichi Kanda, Director, Planning and Coordination Bureau, Financial Services Agency, Government of Japan
  • Ken Tsuchihashi, Head of Strategic Business Development Division, Second Financial Sector, NTT DATA Corporation

Panel Moderator:Taketoshi Mori, Senior Manager, Center for Risk Management Strategy, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC

17:40  -  Closing Remarks and Summit Close

Sanjeev Chatrath, Managing Director & Region Head, Asia, Financial & Risk, Thomson Reuters

17:45  -  Networking Drinks Reception

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