07:30        Risky Women Breakfast (by invitation only)

08:00        Summit Registration Opens

08:55        MC Opening Remarks

09:05        Thomson Reuters Welcoming Remarks


09:15        Opening Keynote Presentation

09:35        Keynote Presentation

10:00        Keynote Regulatory Panel: Regional Regulatory Updates

  • Has the potential of a unified ASEAN regulatory environment increased or decreased as a result of the AEC implementation?
  • How can regional regulators guard against the unintended impact of regulation from the US and Europe?
  • How has/will the impact of Basel III differ across the member states of ASEAN, and what developments will Basel IV bring?
  • Comparative ASEAN regulatory approaches to Fintech development

10:45        Morning Networking Break


11:05        Panel Discussion: Building a 'Culture of Compliance' by empowerment from board level down

  • How are the regulators across ASEAN measuring good conduct and culture? How does this differ from country to country?
  • In what way are board level conversations around culture changing? What does this mean for compliance and risk teams?
  • How will an increased responsibility for senior managers change the compliance model in financial institutions across ASEAN?
  • Divide and conquer: are regulatory changes redefining the "3 lines of defence"?
  • Reinforcing a culture of compliance by creating a conducive environment for whistle-blowing
  • Turning a strong compliance system in to a positive business differentiator

11:45        Global Trends in Misconduct – Symptoms and Remedies

  • Global perspectives of misconduct in financial and investment industries
  • Common issues, symptoms, remedies and preventative measures
  • What are the potential solutions to common ASEAN and local market misconduct issues?

12:25       Defining the Future: How will the financial services sector meet the challenges of tomorrow?

In this session, 3 differing view of the future for the financial services sector will be put forward by renowned futurists and commentators, offering attendees an insight in to what the future might hold, and how this will affect business models, planning and strategies. At the end of the session, attendees can vote on the most convincing vision, and each session will discuss the following:
  • What will the future financial sector look like in 10 years time?
  • Will we see the same challenges and new solutions, or a different paradigm altogether?
  • In-house development vs. outsourcing technology and processes
  • How will new technology define customer interactions in the future?

12:20        Lunch Break


14:05        A new dawn in AML & KYC - learning from recent events

  • What lessons can be learnt from BSI's closure, and are further MAS actions round the corner?
  • What practical impact will the Panama Papers have on building and maintaining client relationships?
  • Balancing the costs of implementing an effective compliance framework with increasing compliance risks
  • How could developments, such as a shared utility, affect potential repeats of the BSI situation?
  • Will the threat of criminal prosecutions have an impact on front line and senior management decision making?
  • Improving compliance training to avoid a culture of box-ticking and encourage informed recommendations across the business

14:45       Jurisdictional KYC Managed Utilities - how their successful implementation could drive competitive advantage for Singapore & ASEAN

  • How will a shared utility help banks meet local regulatory requirements at the same time as driving efficiencies and effectiveness in conducting KYC?
  • What are the anticipated benefits in terms of client experience, processing/onboarding times, economies of scale?
  • What remains in the remit of the banks themselves?
  • What lessons can be taken from the introduction of shared utilities elsewhere?

15:20        Afternoon Networking Break

15:35       Guideline Review: Navigating the shifting boundaries of trade finance risk

  • Update on MAS's AML and CFT controls in trade finance and correspondent banking
  • How do trade finance regulations differ across ASEAN?
  • Guidelines on best practice for trade finance risk management using technology and automated processes
  • How can you ensure your trade finance approach is well measured and not simply risk-averse?


16:15        Cyber Security Simulation: What to do in the case of a data leak?

In this interactive session, experts will take you through a step by step simulation of a cyber security incident where data is leaked, giving insight into potential courses of action you could take and the impact this action may have for your business.

16:55        Panel Discussion: What's next for technology within financial markets?

  • Where does technology increase the risks companies face?
  • How does Regtech differ from Fintech, and how will Regtech change the way financial institutions manage their risk and compliance groups?
  • How will recent and forthcoming regulation affect both Fintech and Regtech fields, and what impact will this have on continued innovation in these fields?
  • Focus on the impact of blockchain across financial markets

17:35        Closing Remarks

17:40        Event Closes and Networking Drinks Reception Begins

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