Morning Session 1: Sanctions – Russia, Ukraine and Iran – Geopolitical Backdrop and Future Scenarios

Rear Admiral Chris Parry CBE MA FCMI – Specialist in Geo-Strategic Forecasting and the Assessment of Risk

This session will explore the geopolitical backdrop to two groups of sanctions:
  1. Triggered by Ukraine crisis - How has this evolved since initial sanctions?
  2. Changes to Iranian sanctions regime - If anything the 'relaxation' of some sanctions targeting Iran has made things even more complex for businesses considering a relationship with Iran.
Morning Session 2: Narrative Sanctions and Iran Sanctions

Ernst Pienaar – Proposition Leader Financial Crime and Regulation, World-Check Customer and Third Party Risk, Thomson Reuters

This session builds on the geopolitical backdrop and will explore many of the technical aspects of the Iran sanctions and implementing the sanctions with further reference to the concept of narrative sanctions using Iran and Russia/Ukraine as further case studies.
Afternoon Session 1: IS Funding

Jean-Charles Brisard – International consultant and expert on terrorism and terrorism financing
Damien Martinez – Director Western Europe, Thomson Reuters
Giancarlo Vucchi – Counter Terrorism Financing, Europol

This session will examine the techniques employed by IS to fund their activities and approaches for all organizations to avoid inadvertently facilitating funding.


Morning Session 1: How Can Businesses Work with Their Third Parties to Not Only Manage Risk but to Drive Opportunities?

Keynote speech followed by facilitated Q&A Sally Uren – CEO, Forum for the Future

Modelled on the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2015-2030, an integrated set of goals for all actors, states, businesses and civil society. These goals balance the three dimensions of sustainable development – economic, social and environmental – and are a call to action for businesses of all shapes and sizes..
Morning Session 2: Follows on from Session 1

Sally Uren – CEO, Forum for the Future
  • Workshop session in smaller groups
  • Summary roundup
Morning Session 3:Trade Based Money Laundering

Exploring typologies and detection techniques for one of the most complex and difficult to identify forms of money laundering.